Vision and Mission


Amaltas Institute of paramedical sciences was established in the year 2016. The course outline and the syllabus are designed by the Madhya Pradesh Paramedical council Bhopal, MPMSU Jabalpur The fundamental idea behind is to develop and mould the students as successful individuals to get a job not only in India but also abroad. The course provides a comprehensive idea, principle, and practices of various para medical procedures.

The fraternity of Amaltas college believes that para medical course is a formal education preparation, which should provide a broad and sound foundation for the practice of para medical service that is to be practised and propagated irrespective of the sex, religion, cast, and creed. The courses are designed to provide a balance of professional and general education, and to enable students become professional para medical technicians.


The Para Medical Courses not only divers health needs of the local people, but also caters to qualify patient care as well as towards preparing quality health care personnel for the entire country and abroad. These courses are designed to provide a balance of professional and general education and to enable students become para medical technicians and professional nurses.


Quality policy of Amaltas institute of Medical Sciences {Paramedical } is to achieve excellence in teaching and office working through continuous improvement in facilities, teaching methology and monitoring.